Why is switched from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy (iOS to Android)

1. Bluetooth. Bluetooth in iPhone is useless, I am so happy whenever I want to transfer a song, picture, document… from my laptop to my phone, i can do it through bluetooth. It was so annoying having to do it through iTunes, connecting cables… Plus I can share anything from my mobile phone to other Android phones.

2. Battery. Samsung Galaxy allows you to change battery! The other day I arrived home with only 5% of battery charge and had to leave in 15 minutes, obviously didn’t have time to charge my battery. But I have a extra battery, so I simply placed that one which is at 92%. Not possible with an iPhone. Yes you can buy a external charger… but it’s annoying!

3. Pictures. This is really annoying in iOs, all the photos (camara, Whatsapp, screenshots…) are all saved under the same folder, and you can’t organise them as you wish. Android allows you to create folders where you can place your pictures as you wish.

4. Closing all apps. Android you can close down all apps by simply clicking one button. iOs you have to close them one by one (unless you have jailbreak).

5. SIM card. Changing SIM card on iPhone is a pain in the ass, you have to carry a pin with you.

6. External hard disk. You can have external memory by purchasing a SD card on Samsung Galaxy.

I think iOs is still a better operating system, much smoother and better design. But Apple’s policy of having everything under their bubble is annoying, and that is why I made the switch to an Android mobile.