Thailand is possibly the best country I have been to till now. Travelled in Janaury 2012,.


- Stayed at Best Western Hotel, in Sukhumvit Soi 20, its a good area.
- All my friends told me before going that Thai people are very very nice, they are always smiling and are always extremely polite, and yes, that was the case!
- Bangkok airport is very nice, very clean, immigration takes a bit of time as there are many people.
- Food was good, not great, but much better than Hong Kong.
- Transport, food, shopping… everything is relatively cheap!
- Went to Grand Palace, which was beautiful.
- Do visit Lebua Tower top floor, where you have Sirocco Bar/restaurant (where Hangover 2 was shot), the view is amazing.
- There is a massage place every corner, and its really cheap, like 5 euros for an hour.
- There is a taylor every corner too, made myself couple of shirts. You can get a tailored made suit for like 150 USD.
- Great malls (Emporium, Terminal 21, MBK…)

Missed tiger temple (Kanchanburi), elephant ride, floating market… :(

Recommend everyone visiting Thailand, its such a great country. Phuket, Phi Phi, Koh Samui… have amazing beaches and views, and that must be another level.

Grand Palace Bangkok

Grand Palace Bangkok

Warren Buffett quote

“The market value of the bonds and stocks that we continue to hold suffered a significant decline along with the general market. This does not bother Charlie and me. Indeed, we enjoy such price declines if we have funds available to increase our positions. Long ago, Ben Graham taught me that “Price is what you pay; value is what you get.” Whether we’re talking about socks or stocks, I like buying quality merchandise when it is marked down.


Travelled to Marrakech (Morocco) Janaury 2014. Went for 4 days, direct flight 2 hours fight from where I live (Gran Canaria, Spain), with Binter airlines.

If your from an EU country, you surely don’t need any Visa, however, you have to fill in the immigration paper, and there is no pen there for tourists to write, so BRING A PEN WITH YOU, otherwise you can get stuck 30min asking others for a bloody pen.

There isn’t much to see, the main attraction is the Jemaa el Fna square, inside the Medina (old town). It reminded me of India, you have small markets around, people selling literally all kind of stuff! It was annoying, all sellers are very very very very harassing.

Visited Jardins Majorelle, what a waste of time, don’t bother visiting it!

If your travelling with your couple, you should stay in a Riad, visited one inside the Medina, and it was beautiful. Otherwise stay one of the hotels which are 15min walking from Medina, eg. Sofitel, Novotel, Kenzi Farah…

The new area (Gueliz) was a bit dull, not much to see either.

Went to Bahia Palace, it was ok, worth visit.

Jewish area was nothing special.

Did the open air bus tour, which I recommend, as you see pretty much of the city, there is 1 day or 2 days pass, go for the 1 day one.

Recommend visiting La Mamounia Hotel, possibly the most beautiful hotel in the world!

Food was not too good, they have two main dishes, cuscus and tajin, both can be either chicken, beef or lamb. Usually the lamb is the tastiest, but was disappointed with the country’s cuisine. They always give bread with the food, I thought it was the nicest bread I’ve ever had.

Did not go clubbing, but seemed like there is a good vibe on weekends, specially in Summer. Pachá, Nikki Beach, Triple 5, Ushuaia… seems like there are many youngsters overthere.

When you check-out from your hotel, there is a tourist tax and some other tax, beware, its was something like 15 euros in total per person per day.

Some facts:

The interior designs of buildings was spectacular, arabic designs in my opinion are above any other.

Can’t remember seeing any white building, most of them are browny-salmon color.

Saw many men cutting their toe nails with a nail cutter in middle of the street, was disgusting lol

Overall, I would recommend visiting Marrakech only if your somewhere in Spain, not worth if its more than 2.5 hours flight honestly. 3 days are enough, if you want to see the other towns outside Marrakech then 5 days should be good.

Marrakech, Morocco

Las buenas empresas están en EEUU

El que quiera hacerse rico con la bolsa, tiene que mirar hacia EEUU, donde hay miles de BUENAS empresas. Por ejemplo esta:


Tesla otro ejemplo, en España tenemos Inditex y poco más.

The Big VIG

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Señoras y señores, niños y niñas, tengo el placer de presentarles a… The Big VIG.

The Big VIG es el nombre con el que llamo al que es para mí el mejor activo financiero del mundo, el ETF VANGUARD DIVIDEND APRECIATION. Este ETF replica al índice Dividend Achievers Select Index, que es un subíndice del Broad Dividend Achievers Index, y que es administrado y gestionado en exclusiva para Vanguard por la empresa Mergent.

Los Achievers, son acciones americanas que han incrementado su dividendo de forma consecutiva durante 10 o más años, es decir, que no lo han reducido (incluso lo incrementan) ni en tiempos de bonanza ni en tiempo de crisis brutal. Esta es la carasteristica fundamental que busca un growth dividend investor, que no busca un yield elevado, sino un crecimiento exponencial.

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